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Hello, I am making a scheduling app for a school project, and I have run into a problem. I am using List Views as a way to categorize each task under the respective time, allowing for the user to click on the task and view some extra information regarding where the task takes place, etc. I have it set up so that the user can create the task as you can see in the pictures provided down below. However, when clicking the create button it brings up (text (inputted text)) instead of the text itself. It also creates 3 additional elements for the Main text, Image, and Details, instead of the singular one they should all be under. I am not sure how to remove this extra (text ) part and combine all 3 things into a singular element. Help would be appreciated.


Output when creating a new task:


Hi, actually did not catch the question exactly but there are 2 ways to add element to a listview.

  1. Adding list elements
  2. Adding string elements
    This photo shows both.
    blocks (9)
    As much as I can understand, you want not to get some unwanted data.
    It is possible both if its a list or string.
    If it's a list try selecting wanted items by
    blocks (10)
    if its a string you can split

    I hope this helps. I really did not catch the question.
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Make sure your listview is set like this? (designer > listview properties)


Then only the MainText will be returned as an element in the listview

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Hello there!

You are creating elements in the wrong way. The CreateElement block returns a dictionary element that you can use to format the list. You should be creating them this way to add an item.


This is kind of a follow-up question, but I am now setting it up for multiple List Views. However, when inputting a new task it doesn't show the details, it just displays the title.

Here is my code:

Have you set this to MainText,DetailText(Vertical)?

Yes I have.

Don't set the list to an empty list. This just totally replaces all items in the list with the new one.


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Does your school project keep its data when you shut it down and start it up again?

I hope you are not using ListViews as the primary storage container for your data.

Otherwise, your app will look like this person who wears his Post-It notes on his sleeves ...

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