Help to find solution for my error

Help me to fix it



Your blocks are hard to read from a screen shot.

Do a right click Download Blocks as Image to get a blocks.png file and post it here.

Also export an .aia project file and post that too.

i want the data from tinydb to replace items in detail page this block to save data in tinyDB

This block in Screen DetailPage

You are confusing rows and columns in procedure Main.
You are building up a global list of all the destinations in TinyDB,
with each row a list having 3 columns.

What are you expecting to see in the Name, Image, and Description?
They are each built only for a single destination.

AI2 has no facilities built in to show a table of names, images, and descriptions.

See the Debugging FAQ for how to see the contents of your global list.

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