Help to create a puzzle

Hello, sorry if my title doesn't tell my problem but I don´t know how I could explain my problem in the title ^^'

I am a casino dealer and I try to create an app for casino dealers, for our job we need to know all the numbers of the roulette in the correct order and where to place it on the racetrack.


I made a sketch of the racetrack, I will use for my app.

So the idea is that the app show a number between 0 and 36, after that the user have to touch the correct box where the number is.
I know how to determine if the user touch a square shaped box (Xmin-Xmax Ymin-Ymax) but I don't see how I can do it for the rounded ones.

The rounded ones are slices of pie, bounded by angles from a center of the half circle at the end of the board.

This might be a good application of the atan2(dx,dy) block, which gives you an angle based on the x and y lengths of the right triangle containing that angle.