Help to compare value with the ones from a table from CSV

Hallo all,

First of all I explain what I want to do: I want to compare if one value is between 2 numbres from the lis, and if so to get the upper value.

  • 20 <-- Select this one
  • 12.3 <-- my nubmer
  • 15

I always get the same error, no matter the way I try it:

These are my blocks


I have tried declaring the variable Vreal or getting the values directly from the table, getting always the same error.

Some advice, please?

can you attach the aia file ?

Thanks patel, I attach the ai file. It is a zip file renamed as aia (62.2 KB)

Add this to your blocks

Thanks Boban, it works perfectly. What I do not understand is "Why"... It looks like if there is somo kind of conversion text-number in this process of select 2 times

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Boban worked around your csv conversion blunder,
by doing double selects.

Your input data was in a single column, so using a csv table conversion block burdened you with an unnecessary list dimension.

For single column tables, use split at \n on the input text to get a simple 1-dimensional list.

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Thanks ABG, I have not it very clear yet, but I will go on investigating on this