HELP! Textbox pushes everything up!

When i click on a textbox, it pushed all the components up. I am using a canvas with an image spirit that is moving to the bottom of the screen and when it reaches the bottom of the screen, the game will reset. But, when the user clicks on the text box, it moves everything up and shortens the height of the canvas and the game will end much quicker, making it impossible to play... How do I fix this issue to make the keyboard just cover the components and not push everything up?

Disable the text boxes when the game starts?

Also, there are other ways to enter text besides text boxes:

will that prevent my issue?

hmm actually let me see if a notifier works

Is you screen set to scrollable? If so, disable screen scrolling when a textbox is entered, and reset it after text entry. You might need @Taifun's textbox extension which has an EnterpressedListener. Does this fix it ?