Help test nb195

Hello everyone,

The test server has been updated with a release candidate for the version nb195 of App Inventor. This version includes the following changes:


  • Warn about publishing projects with extensions to the gallery (@ArduinoMonkey)
  • Implement a project properties dialog (@Arin-Modi)
  • Add missing ListView features on iOS (@Codnelle) [need companion 2.64.4 from Apple TestFlight]
  • Implement ResponseTextEncoding property on the Web component (@wanddy)
  • Add "RemoveItemAtIndex" block to ListView (@Devarsh_Mavani)

Bug fixes:

  • Use SVG for App Inventor logo (@Jennet_Zamanova)
  • Fix procedure names not being shown in the backpack
  • Fix a bug where extensions were not loaded when using USB connections
  • Fix misaligned buildserver stat reports
  • Only send HSTS header over HTTPS
  • Filter out deprecated component blocks in typeblocking (@josmas)
  • Fix a bug loading media from the private app directory using a file: URI
  • Fix error handling in the ChatBot and ImageBot components
  • Fix alist to dict bug in Android dictionaries
  • Fix issue using named sheets anonymously by switching to the gviz API
  • Fix a regression in iOS ListView where elements would not appear using the Elements property [need companion 2.64.4 from Apple TestFlight]
  • Fix min/max on list functions on iOS [need companion 2.64.4 from Apple TestFlight]
  • Fix lack of lifecycle management in TextToSpeech on iOS [needs companion 2.64.4 from Apple TestFlight]
  • Use darker TextBox hint color on iOS [needs companion 2.64.4 from Apple TestFlight]
  • Fix button background when using translucent colors
  • Restore the Publish to Gallery button on the project list
  • Better error handling when the gallery rejects projects

Future features:

  • Filter components by visibility in source structure explorer (@Diego)

Internal changes:

  • Improve proguard rules for extensions
  • Address missing phantomJS in GitHub Actions (@josmas)
  • Fix broken command line examples in README (@Gordon_Lu)
  • Fix a race condition in project tests
  • Clean up unused code
  • Inline BluetoothClient/BluetoothServer functionality

Please report any issues you encounter in the test server in this thread. The post will be updated as we continue to test and refine the release.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor


This looks like a show stopper to me.

Here's a Screen with stacked Arrangements:

Here's that Screen on ai2-test:

Where are the [+] and [-] controls to expose the sub-Arrangements?
proyecto_final.aia (958.3 KB)

Correct. Moreover, if we select, for example, "Non-visible components" in the options, the visible components will disappear. But when we click on any component that is not visible, all components become visible.

This new attribute defaults to UTF-8 in the Designer.

Here's the Help for that block:


Specifies the Response Text Encoding.

A sentence or two in the Help would be nice, listing alternative values besides UTF-8 and their uses.

That's a fair point. The current behavior is to interpret text as UTF-8 and so this gives more flexibility to the developer if they need to use an alternate encoding. We could be more clear about that in the documentation.

ccing @Diego @Susan_Lane on this one.

there is no button for rename or delete to any item of the components .if i want to delete an item what shall i do

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The buttons for renaming and deleting are gone from the bottom of the component tree.

Another show stopper.

I'm looking into it now

EDIT: Located both issues

Thanks @Diego

The left scrollbar in the Project Properties dialog can be removed. Also, some HTML tags do not load properly (DefaultFileScope).

Thanks for the report @Gordon_Lu. I've prepared a fix:

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Also All Drop-down in project properties are clickable whole row,

Just a suggestion to implement High Quality Images property if possible in this update

Also, disable project properties button when the project is not loaded

The test server has been updated to address the following issues:

  • Project properties dialog shows an unnecessary scrollbar and HTML
  • Project properties menu item shows as active on the project list view
  • Expand/collapse buttons disappear in the source structure explorer
  • Rename/delete buttons disappear in the source structure explorer
  • Fix an issue where TTS would not stop in the companion when switching screens

We are currently in the bug fixing phase of the release. Our development process involves a code cutoff date for any new features and then we focus mainly on fixing any issues that come up during testing. We can consider new features as part of the next release cycle, but please make a post with informative examples of what is needed.