Help! storing data on dates and retriving it the same way

right, so im new here, my first post.
so im trying to make an app that helps me store some data under specific dates, for example A = 10, B = 12, C = 99, store these under todays date 15/11/2023 and then when i want to retrive it a month later i can just go onto the callender, select the date 15/11/2023 and have the data saved for that date displayed to me.

please also guide me on how the forum works or if im at the right or wrong place for this kind of question.

i have created a little basic counter style app that just counts the data and stores it in variables.


You could try this calendar in your app:

Use TinyDB Namespaces, with the date for the tag.
If you set the TinyDB Namespaces to A,B,C,... you can store each value simply in a separate TinyDB value for that date tag.

If you plan on packaging the data for other apps, use a spreadsheet.

thanks, got some help from youtube, in the end what i did is set the tinydb store tag to joined day, month and year for datepicker, and then called it out to a text box using the same tag. got some help from youtube to see how the tinydb worked, then just applied it to my own one. thanks for your suggestion