Help sorting lists

Hi everyone,

if anyone could possibly look at the attached aia file and help with displaying my lists correctly i'd appreciate it. I think i'm over complicating it and now cannot seem to get passed this issue for the love of money. Any help would be more than greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards
Stock_it.aia (22.7 KB)

Especially in which screen you want it to be display the sorted data or list?

Screen 6 Please

You don't have a List on Screen 6 Samuel?

This Project would have lent itself to using Virtual Screens.

Thank you Chris but having looked at it, it isn't what i'm looking for. It doesn't help me with my current issue but will be handy for any improvements I wish to make.

Sorry I may have not made myself clear.. I wish the lists on Screen3 and 4 to be displayed in the detailedDescriptionLabel on Screen6. Hope that makes more sense
. Cheers for all your help so far

...Can you be specific with the List names and the order of the Lists required?

Displaying them together in a Label is not so great - I recommend displaying them in a ListView.

On Screen 3 I have listed the text fields in the order I wish for them to be listed. In regards to the rest that's the issue I'm having.. how best to display all that information so that the values can be edited by screen4s input.

Sorry Samuel but you are not making a lot of sense - you are familiar with your Project, we are not.

In Screen3, you join (code wise incorrectly) the List 'Stock' to the List 'StockData' yet they are then stored separately in TinyDb. So let's start there - why have you done that.

Sorry, I thought you had to, to be able to include an index to the listview. (After selecting a number that would open another screen with more details shown) the idea of storing them separately in tindydb was so I could edit any details stored later on via screen4. Hope that makes sense

Having two records of the same data is not a great idea - buying trouble :upside_down_face:

Screen4 does not read TinyDb for either List, 'Stock' or 'StockData'. So what you want to do is display a List on Screen4 and pick items from that List Manually, to insert into text fields on Screen4, is that right?

Haven't seen anything yet to match your Topic Title :grin:

As I'm not that confident with Mit App inventor I was aware that my blocks was incorrect and needed help, to the extent I wasn't fully aware. Screen 4 I have not started on properly so I don't expect it to be done for me, I was struggling to display Screen 3 in away that could be listed and edited should I want to. So sorting list data and displaying it correctly would have been a more accurate description for the title and help needed. Kind Regards and thank you again for your support.

Is this correct Samuel?

Yes Chris. Thank you

OK, I'm going to edit Screens 3 and 4 to make that happen, post the Project here for you to try it, then see where you go from there.

You are in the UK, so am I. I'm busy with other things at the moment - have to go to collect some building materials - so I will get back to you later.

Really appreciate it and thank you again for your time and help.

Hello Samuel

Attached Project shows the principle of how to use a List Picker on Screen 4.

  1. With the Project on Screen 3, run the Companion and fill-in the fields (Goods In).

  2. Go to Screen 4 (Goods Out). Tap the 'Select Stock Data' button and select an item, then select the Field (TextBox) to be filled (Double Tap).

  3. Repeat as required

Now, much of the data in the List is not used by Screen 4 - for example, Screen 4 defines the date and time, so perhaps the date and time need not be in the List. That sort of thing is for you to sort out :grin:

The Landscape screens do not fit my phone that well - you might want to consider arranging them in Portrait instead.

Stock_it2.aia (37.2 KB)

Thank you Chris for all your help, I'll have alook at this when I'm back home. Thanks again.

You have not stored the details in dictionary method. Better save the values in dictionary mode and you can easily recover it.