Help retrieving a lost project

In my high school programming class, we were using appinventor all semester. For our final, we were supposed to make a project from scratch and I made a turn-based RPG. I was incredibly proud of this assignment and wanted to download the file. Sadly, my old school email has been deactivated because I already graduated. For our assignment, our teacher wanted us to upload the project to the gallery so I did. I looked in the gallery for a while and could not find it. I likely made it private. Would anyone know how I could find my old project without using my dead email?

What is the name of the Project?

I will assign your Topic to MIT Guru Susan Lane. She is very busy so you will have to wait but if anyone can rescue your Project, Susan can.

She will probably contact you privately for details so please make sure you have all information ready.

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Thanks for the reply. I believe the time project was named "Turn Based Combat" or "Turn Based RPG" something along those lines. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I should be able to transfer your school projects to a new account. I just need a private message with your old account, the new account where you want the projects to be transferred, and some information on the projects in the account so I can verify ownership (which you've already provided).

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