Help resolving showing answers in List Viewer

So I had everything working and was about to move to the answer checking and I made some changes to test something and now I've broken it and can't remember what I did to get it working.

I wish I took a checkpoint after I got it working :crying_cat_face:

I can't remember what it was I changed since it was very late when working on it and wasn't really focusing a lot.

Here is my AIA file. I've spent a few hours on this but I think I need a fresh set of eyes.
Trivial_Pursuite_2.aia (18.3 KB)

Please show your relevant blocks. Explain what is not working (we do not have crystal balls here).

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What I'm trying to achieve is to take both the incorrect and correct answers that are pulled from the API and output them into a list view.

You cannot set a variable definition like this on initialise

Create the variable as a blank text, then set it to the tinydb block in the screen initialise block

Thanks, Funny enough that was working with no problems.
But I'm still running into this issue.


Question_count is zero, just like you iniitialized it.
Lists start at item number 1.

That resolved that issue.
Now I'm facing this issue.


This is my category code block

I don't see a lookup in pairs block in the blocks you have shown us.
Get busy looking for it.

@RodoggA I believe the problem arises because global api_questions does not return a dictionary but returns an item (String)


I resolve that error, but now it doesn't like the index value or the key category.


I've finally got it working again

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