Help related doubts even if different builder

So I use Niotron Builder for more building support, but i feel App Inventor Community is way better than any other community.
So pls help in in my doubts

Thank You

Please post your App Inventor blocks then. :slightly_smiling_face: instead of nitron blocks. You already asked in the nitron forum.

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The reason is simple. Other builders use other methods and components which may not work on AppInventor. If you choose a builder, then use that builder's community for support.

Otherwise, as @SteveJG says, use AppInventor...

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Sorry for my mistake but if my doubts and problems can be solved on app inventor so why not?

Niotron community doesnt reply quickly and take much more time

Your choice...

  1. Don't tell us which builder you are using :wink:
  2. Don't expect answers if using Niotron specific methods and components, your aia project must be AppInventor compatible
  3. Just use AppInventor...

The doubts which I ask are simple ones which can be performed on app inventor :smiling_face_with_tear: