Help pls! How can I achieve this function (pick a character image, then use the image in another screen)

Here is the feature I want to implement in my game:

A function where users can select what "Knight" they want to play then after selecting that knight they will be directed to the game itself playing the knight they selected. I've already achieved the function where they can select the knight, but I'm having difficulty how to make "the selected knight" be the one to be played in the gameplay screen once the start button is pressed.

Here is my current block :

I am open with any suggestions! Thanks, badly need help.

You need to set the image of the selected Knight in your gameplay screen ?

You do not show any blocks for that ?

yes and make them playable, like the selected knight will be the character in the game. I just don't know how to construct it in the blocks that's why I don't have blocks for it.

What do you mean by this?
How is your game built? On a canvas ? With imageSprites?

Do you want to select a character on Screen1 and then use it in Screen2 which might be the game screen? Here is one way. :wink:

selectGameCharacter.aia (11.3 KB)

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yes with imageSprites!

I already done it thanks for the replies.

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