Help, please. "Cannot accept the arguments"

I'm programing an app like an oximetter, but i been having this issue. I tried to fix it a lot of times but it keeps going. The app recives the beats per minute from a bluethoot server in real time, and i want to make a comparassion. When its vinculated this error pops out.

In this case, the label next to "Etiqueta" is supposed to write "Bueno", but as you can see it is not the case.

Thank you.

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See the error report. It says clearly, you are trying to compare the whole arguments with less than or greater than symbol. It is not possible

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That is what i don't understand, do i need to take just 1 argument? how can i do it?
here is the code, i can't realize the error yet, it would mean a lot if you could help me :c

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Drag and drop this image into the blocks area and put it in the if.

I used the and operator in this because I don't know which operator you are using.

Please post images in English from the next time so that maximum please can understand.

Edit :

When I changed the language to espanol, which I know nothing of, I found out that you're using the or block here. Pleaze change it as per your requirements.

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OMG, OMG, OMG, IT WORKED!!!!! ahhhhh thank you so much :heart:

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You're welcome.

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