Help please about my facemesh program

prueba1.aia (2.8 MB)

i get this error and i dont know why is my error in the program and other question about facemesh is to manipulate the 2d dimension only "x" and "y" movement for only movement in this two dimensions and not in the z dimension.

and one question more is why the image movement is a little slow?. its because work in 25fps?.

Check for empty text values before you try to feed text box contents into math blocks.

Math blocks hate blanks.

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ok thanks about my second and third question some hint for that?

someone can help me about use the facemesh follow face but show only the image sprite without the camera image real face. only show the movement sprite images

How about searching the forum first?

Also see here:

i am searching this question in the forum but the answer isnt in other help topics because only exist a tutorial about a filter snap cat or lion using image sprites and canvas but the filter work showing the front camera and my question is sbout showing only the filter cat or lyon images without that show front camera image interaction. could you helpme about this?.

is there possibilities to use canvas and control ball using movements of face for the direction of movement ball?

hi someone can explain me how to get the value position in canvas for calculate distance between 2 pixels?

You want it in inches, or in pixels?

distance = ((x1-x2)^2+(y1-y2)^2)^(1/2)


in pixels, because a need to diference a gif from movement images

for what is current x and y and dragsprite?

When the user does a drag from one point (prevX, prevY) to another (x, y). The pair (startX, startY) indicates where the user first touched the screen, and “draggedAnySprite” indicates whether a sprite is being dragged. The pair (currentX, currentY) indicate the current position of the sprite.

hi, i have a question about that, is about the movement in lips, how can detect the change of lips about his distance for activate other function when the mouth is close or open?. is there any explanation about the space position for active or desactive the close mouth or open mouth. and too the eyes?.

how can get all the numbers of specific face like mouth, noise and eyes of facemesh extension. because i like tu use for my image sprite tracking and follow the specific numbers for every part of the face. someone can helpme?.

other question about the facemesh its about the distance from point. its possible get a coordinate x y of pixel mouth top and bottom for build when the mouth is open and mouth is close?. and the eyes the same?

From the previous tutorial...

  • As we move, these points will change their position x, y
  • Each point has two coordinates, in a table: 1 -> x 2 -> y

ok thanks i will try