Help on radio station app

rite it's still crashing even though i downloaded the apk on my phone

When is it crashing? What exactly happens during the crash?

How fast is your internet? Works fine at at 58 mbs on an Android 13 Samsung A13 cell.

when i press play it crashes sends me out of the screen
and here's my internet speed

I don't know. Have you tried the tutorial described in post #6 Help on radio station app - #6 by SteveJG

The tutorial is about radio streaming without a Player component. There is a discussion about various ways to build a radio streaming app using various other Player components that follows comments about the turorial.

Perhaps the issue is the Player component itself or some of the issues related to Android streaming. Read the articles. It could be the cpu in your cell phone is not as fast as in my cell. I simply do not know.

Your WIFI is fast but not as fast as what I use. The probable could also be issues with your radio stream itself. I had issues using companion using the stock Player with a Companion but they disappeared when compiling. Sorry that did not work for you.

that link leads strait back here? well i'm using this screen now

but trying to stop the music you press coolvibes the music plays just fine
but i can't seem to make a stop button lol for crying out loud!! once the stop button is there i can leave this community and customize the app myself to my liking i'm trying to use button 8 for a stop button

sorry for being a pain but this is the only one that seems to work

No it does NOT, it brings you to the discussion as described. :cry: What is circled in the image I just posted is not a link; you have to use the link in post #6

I'm sorry, I cannot help you with other Player component solutions to your problem. Good luck. Perhaps someone else may have a solution for you.

You could try app inventor radio stream player - Google Search