Help on AI on Ipads

Hi there!
I am teaching some students that only have iPAD (no Windows or Mac PC ) and I would like to know what are the options to test their apps:

  • can they connect an android device on the same wifi or trough USB?
  • I assume there is no emulator available that can run on the iPAD... is that correct?
  • Any other idea for the setup?

I myself don´t have an ipad, so I am running a bit blind
Thanks for your help!


This discussion might help you Using App Inventor on iPad for Development The discussion seems to indicate that working with iPads is impractical at the moment.

Wait a while and someone who has an iPad might comment.

Hi @cmpperez,

If the students have Android devices, that is the recommended option. They can either connect wirelessly or via USB. On iOS, only the wifi option is supported at this time.

There is also an emulator that runs on Windows and macOS, although we are still waiting on Google to provide Apple Silicon support for newer Mac hardware.

The companion app is available as for beta testing at this time while we continue to work through Apple's App Store Review process. All teachers and students using Mobile CSP have access to the iOS version.

Is it possible to run iOS Companion on Apple silicon based Mac?
I would love to check it out if possible

We haven't figured out how to do this yet. According to Apple, TestFlight isn't available on macOS and so (my interpretation) they won't allow this in the beta. Once we are approved for the App Store then the companion will be available on Apple Silicon. We've tried signing the IPA with a provisioning profile containing Mac devices but this hasn't worked.

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