Help Notifier No internet connection

Can someone help me. i need to show the error until the user has an internet connection.

i will put it in all of my screens


When you use a Notifier.ShowAlert; you have two options, long and short duration. If you want to interact with the Notifier; use a Notifier.ShowTextDialog Block or the more complex Notifier.ShowMessageDialog or the ShowChooseDialog.

Then you should possible use a Label or Screen.Title to post your message; use a Clock to keep polling the routine and check the Web1.GotText for a 200 code and make the 'message' disappear.

OK, then you need that code in all of your screens or you could use virtual screens instead.

do you have an example sir?

i tried putting a clock and link it to the label and the prompt keeps showing up until the label shows “Connection Successful”