Help needed with app

OK, I need some input as I just cannot figure this out. I need to send a ping to a url that will return a short text string, an answer to a level. If I send it from a browser it works great so I have the hard work done. Now I want to send it from an app on phone. I need a button to click and a box to display the answer. Help please.

That's a Buttton and a WebViewer.

yes I realize that it is simple for you but I have been reading about this for hours and cannot understand it. I have a learning disability and struggle with these things.

Are you taking about API?
Can you say what is the URL? :slightly_smiling_face:

It is a local URL for a ES8266 that when pinged returns a number string. Takes up to 10 seconds to respond. Not an API I think. for instance. Should be very simple but beyond my capabilities.

I dont know much about ES8266. May some other person help you :slightly_smiling_face:

So show what you send from the browser and what you get.
You ask general questions so you get general answers.