Help needed to create a new app (using Blebrick equipped vibro-motors)

Anke, I used the two blocks as you told and it seems ok. now it's time to change something on period between the alternate vibration. I mean that the the setting should be like the setting of a metronome, let say in beats per minute , starting from 50 beats per minute up to 180 beats per minute. I mean that the TIC of the metronome is on the left ankle and the TAC is on the right ankle alternately. The increment of the beats shoud be + or - 5 beats and + or - 1 beat. do you think it will be possible?

moreover, at the moment it seems that only one motor is vibrating even if I change manually the VBR1 to VBR2 on the program blocks

For all that things you say, it's why we need de documentation.

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OK, at least one of them seems to declare these permissions. But which ones? I had added most of them in my test, but not all of them.

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Supposedly BLE-B and Basic blah blah. They are common to all other modules (IMU, VBR, etc). (See my post about the project)

That's what I read in the basic connection tutorial.

The rest is customized depending on the module (parameter setting and stuff), but I lack documentation and the demo App that the developers have for their clients (It can only be requested by them).

The underlying problem is that:

  • I don't know what type of data (Int, Bool, Double, Hex, Char, etc) should be sent.

  • If acept to grant Bluetooth permissions and location.

  • Without documentation and support on extension, we are fighting in the dark against our own shadow.
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I have an information to give you. it is the hex address on my two blebs: D8:4C:4F:27.D6:B5 and DB:E7:94:73:C3:ED. I hope this will be usefull

In reality, this information is little or directly irrelevant, given that:

  • First you must connect the device through the BLEB App (Make App) from the Playstore.
  • Test the device from that same App.
  • Request the documentation and App (aia) demo of the VBR.
  • Once these steps have been completed, the App must be created.

Well, you need to know what parameters the VBR handles and what commands are needed for 2 or more VBR modules.

Because the Basic tutorial say that you/we need use and from the extention packet, así default to all the other modules.

Then and only then use tye module that you need (in this case ) set the parameters and test.

I think that you are missing one step.