Help Needed on Implementing Local Payment Methods

My warm regards to the community.

Kindly assist me, as Im trying to intergrate local payment methods into app.
There is an api which was designed to handle the processes. Unfortunately for me, the only support given is for sdk for java, python, c# etc. There are no direct URLs.
My challenge is how can I call the methods i app inventor? Is it possible to convert the available sdk to an extension I can use in app inventor?

Below is a link to the information related to java & the sdk kit.

Please help

You would need someone to write an extension for this, because there does not appear to be an HTTP REST api for paynow.

There are many other payment gateway extensions available if you do not have to use paynow:
Search for pay here:

Why don't you use php with post and host it by modifying the example code

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I have done it for Indian Payment Gateways Can see it in kodular community

I don't know php, just a little c#. Kindly help me get started on that.

I had 2% of knowlegde . You only need the php source code and add $GET or $POST

JUst give me the sample code of your PHP Payment gateway

Thank you extending your hand.

Here's a link to the sample codes for php that were listed by the developers.

There is also a GitHub Link for PHP SDK, I don't know if its useful. I believe it contains all the methods or methods used to interact with the api.

Again thank you for interest to look into it. Highly appreciated!

Ok Will Try

Thank you @Sashibhusan_Sahoo.
I have high hopes as I have found myself in need of a working solution.