Help needed in adding items form one list to another list

i wannna add item in list 2 form list 1 on user selection. how to do that?? i tried this as in attached image. still getting trouble to add items in list 2 .

We’ll do this in two parts, the handling is different.
Firstly, without a tinydb in place, you blocks were more or less correct, apart from condition checks for empty textbox or list. Everytime you reload the app the default lists will be present.

Once you introduce the tinydb, you need to set things up so that when you restart the app, the lists saved in the tinydb are presented instead of the default lists. (click on the blocks below to see all of them)

There are many other ways to achieve the same thing…

If you want to start with two empty lists:


Thank You so much your suggestion even my code also worked, may be some ramdom error i was getting earlier. Still thankyou so much for valuable attention.

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