Help needed (I want to print my Serial monitor from arduino to app)

Hi, I'm looking for assistance I'm new to this (yesterday) I want to receive my serial monitor readings From my project I'm building. I am using an Arduino Uno R3 currently but will shortly be swapping it out for the Nano.

I don't understand how to compile the list from arduino serial monitor to a screen I've designated in the app (please see the following images)

Screen 1 (Home)

Press search for local devices

Screen 2 (Search screen)

Press "Scan" Bluetooth addresses show up, select your desired address and select the device you want and press "Connect"

Screen 3 (switch status)

Here is the problem, all of the above works great, I'm connected to my HC05 nicely but how do i get the data onto screen three from the arduino serial monitor as a list, I connect the Bluetooth on the previous page but what's next?

I know my arduino wiring and code is fine I've found another app to read the serial monitor and works fine but I need to build my own for my project.

Any and all help would be brilliant.

Many thanks


Switching Screens cuts BlueTooth connections.

Instead of multiple Screens, use stacked Vertical Arrangements in one Screen, only one visible at a time.

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I'll look into how to achieve this, thanks for your reply.

As I said in the post I'm new to building applications and hope to one day be able to help others starting out.

Thanks again