Help needed for Google Play Subscriptions

I am looking for someone to help me publish my app on Google Play. I have the app already to go. I want to sell subscriptions to my app and I want to try before I buy. If you have a video great but it must include subscriptions and the blocks in the video. Have a great day...

I've showed blocks for in-app subscription and also showed test result after compiled apk in this video ↓

I would like to see someone who has used this to publish their app on Google Play with subscriptions, please...

What is missing is the most important part. I am looking for proof that it really works on a Google Play Developer's Account and is acceptable to Google Play Standards.

Yes, I used it .... took a little figuring out but yes it works
Jony was incredibly helpful (i was a pain) .... he gave best support you will find ...
From my notes.
1 StartConnection
2 When Billing Service Connected
3 QueryPurchases
4 GotPurchases
5 IsPurchased
6 GetProductDetails
7 GotProductDetails
8 LaunchBillingFlow


Thank you so much for your awesome review, much appreciated. I shall be getting it from Jewel then...

I had trouble understanding the flow of the process ... the above broke it down so I could follow the process order.
I also found that it was easiest to direct non-subscribed users to a blank "screen2" to process their data and payment.

I used .StartConnection & .ShowInAppMessages when initialising screen1
then this in screen1

Its been a while but f i recall TextBox3 was just me debugging as i wrote it.

If not already subscribed I sent them to screen2, if i didnt they had access to screen1 even if they cancelled.

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