Help Moving lists between screens

I'm trying to store user input for data,time,end time ect then when I click on a button it opens another screen and shows a log(list) of all the inputs. I just cannot figure out how to retrieve this data on another screen. Screenshot of what I have below..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you, I've tried seal times ect including YouTube videos for help, I cannot seem to wrap my head around it. I know how to store text input to tinydb and retrieve it, I just don't know how to store a list to tiny dB and retrieve that onanother screen..

TinyDB.aia (4.0 KB)


Thank you so much

I'm still having problems.. I want to record when a migraine first starts then when I click migraine over button I want it to record the time It finished along with my current medication and location. After all that when I click my records I want it to open in another screen in a list format. I've attached my aia file if could possibly have alook.
Migraine_Diary.aia (18.6 KB)

Then why you have set thing to list picker, as you wanted things to listed out. I have replaced it with listView.

and please also modify the screen switching blocks.

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And here, the way call for screen2 is initilated, wount allowing to show screen1, if tinyDB is returning something.

Motivational thoughts, why not to use multiple Screens.

Here, it is modified and working program, I don't encourage to use this much of screens, but following the code legacy, I did it that way. I have used the dictionary as data structure.

Migraine_Diary_copy.aia (22.8 KB)

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Thank you everyone for your help. This is abit beyond me at the moment and I am trying to understand/learn more.. the only issue I have now is that I have to keep putting in my basic information on screen 1. I'd like it to store it for future logins.

Great, since it would be a better solution.

That being said any help on it be great

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