Help me with some text labels and data

so i have different text labels in a screen, is there any way for the text to be something from my database? for example if database has a tag and the value is "482" can the label text be 482 and change everytime i update the firebase?

Yes it can. Call back the database from firebase, and set each label with the value from the tag you require.

would you mind explaining the blocks? im still learning how to use mit app

Show your relevant blocks, your designer screen layout, and your firebase console data (you are using your own firebase project?)

i havent rlly done anything yet

literally struggling for a school project :skull:

You have an incorrect firebaseURL in your designer. The correct url is found above your data in the console.

i already replaced it

i just dont know how to set up the blocks to check the firebase for the value then display it

A simple example:


first of, i dont have a store value, i write the data manually, second of i need to also make it show different text if my data changes without updating the app everytime

If you are manually enteering the data in the console, and then use the firebase component to get your data, ensure that your values are in "double" double quotes:


Use the dataChanged event block

so uh it still gets "Not found"

and if i use ""tag"" it doesn't even change

now i also got permission denied from firebase

Are you using the us-central server ?

What have you set as your project bucket ?

Show your firebase console data.

alright everything's fixed

You might share what you did to fix things, so that others may learn...

no i js forgot to change bucket name-

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