Help me with JavaScript

I want to program a game. I found some code on the internet that generates rooms.
But I have no idea about Javascript.
I found the code on this page.

Learn Javascript

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Thanks for the great help

Maybe I did not express myself correctly. Of course I want to write a program with App Inventor and I need help translating javascript.

so What's your question?
or you search the community to learn how to ask a question.

Perhaps this will help Stefan.

WebView Javascript Processor for App Inventor and the links here might be useful app inventor javascript - Google Search

Maybe it is easier to translate the pseudo code?
No JavaScript knowledge required...

While the map hasn’t been filled to the desired amount yet:
Randomly choose a room size and type.
Find a random location.
Check if the room will fit.
If it fits:
Draw the room and add it to the list of rooms.
Add connections from the new room to one or more other rooms.

Run some a function to add doors.
Choose a room to be the start point and add an up staircase there.
Find the room furthest from the start point and add a down staircase there.
For every room in the list of rooms:
Add items/monsters/other content as desired!