Help me use the ContactsSaver extension

Guy we need aia file because since it is easy but it is not working accordingly. Kindly provide aia so we can understand the use of this extension. Please share us some references

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Demo blocks are in the first post.

We have tried your all block but it is really not work. If you can add some aia file it will help us. but I tried all different way but it is not working.

You might post an example of what you tried that did not work? Provide information about your Android version etc. please. Also explain what is not working.

Only thing which is not present in blocks is to ask for required permissions.

android.permission.READ_CONTACTS,android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS both of them as well single non is working. Will high appreciate not criticize. Kindly provide me some solution

Well that's not the correct way to ask a permission.

Kindly guide me for the permission as well as savecontact in button hope rest is ok

This is a place to get help with App Inventor 2 coding Blocks; not Thunkable/Kodular. Advice provided here might not be applicable to third party AI compilers. Either recode in AI2 Blocks and try something or go to a thunkable/Kodular help site. Thanks.

It is not clear your issue is a permissions issue. If you read the documentation for App Inventor 2 Screenyou will discover

AskForPermission( permissionName )
Ask the user to grant access to a sensitive permission, such as ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION . This block is typically used as part of a PermissionDenied event to ask for permission. If the user grants permission, the PermissionGranted event will be run. If the user denies permission, the PermissionDenied event will be run.

Note: It is a best practice to only ask for permissions at the time they are needed, which App Inventor components will do when necessary. You should not use AskForPermission in your Initialize event unless access to that permission is critical to the behavior of your app and is needed up front, such as location services for a navigation app.

If this does not help; please read the documentation for your compiler and review the documentation on the ContactsSaver extension post. Other users seem to have no trouble using the extension with the available documentation and instructions.