Help me to create a logical block to use line breaks in text in a textbox

Hello friends. I am new and new to the mit app invertor.
Please help me how to create a logic block so that when I write text I can get a line break.
I want to type a lot of text into the textbox but now I don't know how to get a newline to end a paragraph.
My design ideas are as follows.
I will create 2 screens, screen 1 will create a button, when I press the button it will appear on screen 2 and in screen 2 this will contain text.
please help me.
Thankls All


Surely you only need one Screen?

Concerning line breaks, in the Properties palette of your TextBox component, select 'MultiLine'. This will enable the return key on a phone's keyboard to enter a line break for nice neat paragraphs, no button required.

Maybe you don't understand what I mean.
My idea is that when the button is pressed, screen 2.and this screen 2 will contain the text that was entered during preprogramming. that I want to use a textbox to programmatically contain that paragraph or to use listview to contain that paragraph.
I mean in the process of programming the whole text will automatically get a newline when I write the text on screen 2 using a textbox or listview but it doesn't come down automatically.

Enable HTML Format. (In the designer)
Use the <br> tag to give a line break

This won't work for textboxes :wink:

Hmmm.... Never tried it myself (in a textbox) :sweat_smile:
My bad!

Instead, add \n to the end of the line. In the label it works too. You must enable multilines in the text box.

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(two \n used to create new paragraph)

Is this what you need ?

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