Hello. I still can't solve a problem. I created an application that allows me to upload the files in the dowload folder to an ftp server. before android 11 everything ok, now it can't read the files but it reads me the files in the subfolders always present in the download folder.
how can i solve? for the other folders it reads everything. a thousand thanks

Thanks, I've already read this guide but it's not what I'm looking for. my problem is that it doesn't make me upload to ftp only from the download folder. if I use other signs I can do the operation.

It should basically work with MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. But that would mean that your app would most likely not be approved by Google on the Play Store.

If the file was not created by the app itself, it cannot be accessed on Android 11+ without SAF. This also applies to an app that has been uninstalled and reinstalled. Also such an app is a new/different app (after reinstallation).

sorry maybe I expressed myself badly. everything happens even before publishing on google play store. my app has a function that with a button I open the various folders of my smartphone and after selecting a file through another button I load the file on an ftp server. generally the files I upload to the server are contained in the download folder of my smartphone. up to version 10 I have not had any problems, the application works without problems. with android 11 it seems to no longer have permissions on the download folder. it happens to all colleagues who use my app with android 11 while colleagues who have smartphones with android 10 have no problem using the app by uploading files from the download folder. instead, if I try to upload files in other folders on my smartphone, everything also works with android 11

Show you relevant blocks and try the rename the files.

Of course, you have access to this folder (/Download, relative path), but only to files that were created by the app itself.

These files must not be changed, deleted or moved manually, otherwise the app will no longer be able to access them. Therefore, I always recommend adding a timestamp to the file name. Then there are never any problems on Android 11+ devices.