Help me make a Label Text Auto-Scroll when it receives new data

Heya guys,

I would like to make the text in my Label Auto scroll so I cann see the new values.

It has to scroll itself down to the new received values.

Let me know how I can do that and if there is any need of a screenshot!

Thank you guys!

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Auto Scroll Down?

To make each line of values go up so that the next one can be seen.

You can make it like this :

It's still not scrolling my dear


Activate Scrollable on your screen

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I don't want scroll on my screen, I want the text to auto scroll. Let me give you an example:


Use Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement

I used that, it only Scrolls the first text line which says "Data In" that is what appears before I connect to my esp32 then that dissapears and the values appear. It only shows the first value and it doesn't scroll it.



And it stops here.

but can you scroll to see new data?

Yes but my box for the data is short in height because I receive new data continously from my Esp32, that is why I want to scroll itself up just like in the gif posted.

that mean you have to create new data below, like this:
blocks (1)

It doesn't work. Still not scrollable.

I think I got the solution, you have to use extension.
you can use my newest extension for that

Note : extension contains a block you need

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Can you please show an example in blocks? It doesnt work with simple text.


See This :
blocks (2)

It gives this error my dear:

Please show me your block