Help me, how to make a list of list?

I have this block to perform calculations.
At the end he saves each answer in a list "ListeTempsDePose" I also make a list with the hours which is the variable of calculation for each TempsDePose.
I'm trying to retrieve these 2 lists to use them in TableViewer but I can't.

Do you have an idea ? I know that the data must be in the final format: 19h00,20h00,21h00\n10,20,25

Here is my calculation and display block with labels (but I would like to make a table)

What/where is the list you want to display in Tableviewer?

What is its content ? (Use Do it with companion to display the list)

I have one list "ListeTempsDePose" with item =TempsDePoseCalculer and one list with the hours "ListeHeure" with item = HeureBoucle.
I know to make a list of list.
When i return to my home i send DoIt result with AI Compagnion
Thanks a lot

My AICompanion

Do you mean how to convert this 2 lists to a list of list?
Use the For Each block.
And this is not a question about Tableviewer, I move your posts to a new thread.

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