Help me find code for telerobotic app fpr LEGO EV3


Can someone help me find source code to set up in app inventor ?

I make these robots

with an app called RoboCam.

I want to try to code one my self but there must be some source code to get started with.
The app need to communicate by bluetooth to LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and
with wifi to other phone or router .
There is this one from 2012.
It was updated 2015 on Github, and I assume / guess it is the same.

Can it be set up in app inventor?

Is there anything else similar for me to set up and start with?

Regards MagI

App Inventor has it’s own built-in EV3 Library


I found this wifi extention.

So now I know it is possible to set up something like RoboCam in appinventor.

But someone must have done something in open source for me to set up in appinventor with bluetooth and wifi with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 .

Can someone help me find something?

Regards MagI

Did you search in the App Inventor Gallery? There are multiple examples of users who made an app to control an ev3?

Did not know there was source code to set up.
It should be called code library instead of Gallery.
I can not see to find the combination EV3 + Bluetooth + WIFI + camera.

I can find these combinations and apps
EV3 + Bluetooth
IP camera
So it would be possible to build a RoboCam.
But some people say it is not possible to build a RoboCam in appinventor
and can only be done in Android Studio.

Anybody here know if its possible?

Regards MagI

You are a Master of Science in Engineering Physics. Try and see how far you can come with App Inventor. Maybe you need an extension, maybe you have to build one yourself or ask someone else.

App Inventor can do a lot but some things have to be discovered.

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Thanks Peter.
I just want to discuss as much as possible, before I start anything,
so I dont waste time on things that maybe already is made or almost made and can be updated,
to save time.
That is why I am in this forum.
There must be someone who know if it is possible to build a RoboCam in appinventor.
If it is possible to code a simpel , but not compleate, version of RoboCam with WIFI extensions,
can the source code then be imported to Android Studio ?

Regards MagI

Hi Magnus.... this thread is a continuation of the discussion you initiated in

Hopefully someone might have a suggestion that will work. Others might want to refer to that previous discussion and some of the ideas in it.

App Inventor 2 'solutions' cannot be ported to Android Studio other than completely reproducing the logic in Android Studio. If the coding can be done in Android Studio, perhaps you should also ask in an Android Studio forum and start coding your robo cam app using the libraries that might be available in AS? LegoEV3 and Android Studio sources and Using a video camera to stream

Good luck.