Help me [custom keyboard / filter user text entry]

how can I activate the application's keyboard to work on the device completely, meaning that the user uses it instead of the basic keyboard in order to prevent him from typing some words

Hello Malak

App Inventor has a "Hide Keyboard" function for TextBoxes, so if your App only has the one TextBox that might suffice.

....if it is not good enough, you can try an extension:

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In fact, I do not want him to use the application's keyboard only when he opens the application, keyboards appear in one or two languages, and he chooses his language and then activates it to work instead of the main board, meaning he uses it on all other applications just like the picture

I want to activate my keyboard to prevent the user from typing some offensive words

Create a list of all the offensive words you would like to restrict. (in lower case)
Then use this extension's AfterTextChanged event.



You do not need a custom keyboard for that.

Set up a list of "offensive words" in your app, and then test the typed content with a "contains" text block, before it is set to a label or textbox, refusing text entry if an offensive word is found.

Ah, as @Alaqmar_Bohori has shown with blocks :wink:

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In some topic I wrote to you that you will not create a system keyboard using AppInventor.
You can create a keyboard in Android Studio.

I did what I asked for, but there was no result

What you mean?

Are you registering the component?

Add this block in the screen.initialize event

I will

There is no result

Hmm.. I tested this code on an emulator and it works.
Are you sure you are getting it right?
Can you send a screen recording?

[Uploading: ٢٠٢١٠٤١٥-١٥٠٨٢٣-720x1560.mp4...

I recorded it but the space is large and not loaded

What should I do

Send your current blocks..

And where are the other blocks? :face_with_monocle:

You need all these blocks in the blocks editor, a textbox and TaifunTextbox extension in the designer. Then only will things work.