Help loading a local html file on a WebViewer with WebView.loadUrl()

I'm trying to load a custom local html file into a WebViewer using WebView.LoadUrl(), but I can't seem to find the correct path to it.

Path to the class calling the WebView.LoadUrl() function:

Path to the html file:

(In other words, the html file is at /assets, relatively to the class calling it.)


To pass this path as a parameter to WebView.LoadUrl(), I've tried:

  1. Using an absolute path according to Anke's post (/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/
  2. Using getAssetPathForExtension() passing "teachable_machine_image_classifier.html" as the asset parameter.

What is the correct way to access this html file, both in a AI2 Companion-emulated and compiled Apps?
Is getAssetPathForExtension() the correct way to get the html's path? If so, how do I reference it as an asset?

You need to do something different if your html file is in the assets folder of your extension.

This is some code I used to "get" an html file from the extension's assets into a string:

//load html file from extension assets
    final StringBuilder gethtml = new StringBuilder();
    try {
      final InputStream is = form.openAssetForExtension(this, "myfile.html");
      int character =;
      while (character != -1) {
        getcss.append((char) character);
        character =;
    } catch (IOException e) {
    myhtml = gethtml.toString();

Now you have your html file as a string, you can set this to a new temporary file and display it in a webviewer. Here is another example:

//create html file
    try { file = File.createTempFile("display", ".html");
      filePath = file.getAbsolutePath();
      FileWriter filewriter = new FileWriter(file);
    } catch (IOException e) {
      Log.e(LOG_TAG, "IOException", e);
    //show html
    webViewer.GoToUrl("file://" + filePath);
this.webView.loadUrl(form.getAssetPathForExtension(this, "baidumap-gl.html"));

I always use this to load html in extension asset.
Did you use @UseAssets to pick up your assets into your extension?

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I did

@UsesAssets(fileNames = "teachable_machine_image_classifier.html, teachable_machine_image_classifier.js, tfjs-0.13.2.js, jquery-3.5.1.min.js, teachablemachine-image.min.js, tf.min.js")

But opening the projects .aia file, I failed to find them



I'm posting the .aia file if you wish to check it out yourself

TMICE.aia (203.2 KB)

you need unzip your aix file to see if the assets are there.
if no, then it's problem when you complile your extension.

You are probably compiling in extension template. Here even the icon is not added correctly. Try compiling in ai2 sources.

Found the problem. The extension's src directory wasn't in the correct place.

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