Help: Java or Kotlin. Google play store warning me when trying to load my application

Hello, I ask you a question (this is the first time that I am going to upload an app to the play store) when I loaded the apk I got 2 warnings: (Has anyone posted despite the warnings? is it important to correct them?)

1.- This APK has codes and resources that are not used and that are being sent to the users. Reduce the size of your application with the Android App Bundle. If you don't optimize your app for different device configurations, it will be too heavy to download and install on users' devices. Heavier applications have a lower volume of downloads. Also, they take up a lot of storage space on users' devices.

2.- This APK contains Java or Kotlin code, which can be obfuscated. We recommend that you upload a deofuscation file to facilitate analysis and debugging of ANR errors and crashes.

I am not a developer, so I do not understand too much, I think that I can upload the application without having to correct these warnings, since they are not errors, but I think that if it is not very difficult I would like to be able to correct them.
Can someone please help me and tell me how to improve my app? I'm trying to download a version of android studio to convert my apk into a bundle file to correct the first warning, but yesterday I downloaded the latest version of androir studio and I get a 32-bit error and I can't install it. I'm trying to download a not-so-new version since my pc is old and maybe that's why it's not compatible. Mi app is not too big, just 12 MB, and it has 4 or 5 jpg images and texts.

For the second warning, it seems that I would have to download some other program to obfuscate my app (what I have to do to kmow if my app has java or kotlin files?) :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

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short answer: ignore these warnings...
long answer: for 1) soon Android App Bundle (AAB) support will be available, for details see here


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Me pasa exactamente lo mismo, pero las subo igual ignoro las advertencias, aunque me gustaría poder solucionarlas.

The exact same thing happens to me, but I upload them anyway, I ignore the warnings, although I would like to be able to solve them.

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Hola, yo al final lo he hecho, ignoré las advertencias y la he subido igualmente y ahora esta en etapa de revision, estoy bastante ansioso y espero que salga todo bien, es mi primera app que estoy subiendo a la Play Store. Yo soy un simple aficionado a esto, al parecer lo de ofuscar la app es importante para que alguien no te copie la codificación de tu App, por si te llegan a hacer algún tipo de ingeniería inversa, pero bueno, mi app no es revolucionaria ni nada asi que no me preocupo mucho. Me hubiese gustado poder transformar mi apk en bundle (AAB) pero he tenido varios problemas al tratar de instalar el Android Studio, siempre me termina pidiendo la ultima versión de ese programa y la ultima versión solo viene para 64 bits y mi computadora es vieja, y tiene 32 bits, por lo que debería comprarme una mas nueva que venga con windows de 64 bits (al parecer por lo que entendi solo vamos a poder subir apk hasta mediados del 2021, luego solo se podran subir AAB). Saludos!

Hi, at the end what I've done, I ignored the warnings and I uploaded it, and is now in the stage of revision, I'm pretty anxious and I hope that everything turns out well, it is my first app that I am uploading to the Play Store. I am a simple fan of this, seems to obfuscate the app is important for someone to not copy the coding of your App, if you come to do some kind of reverse engineering, but hey, my app is not revolutionary or anything so I don't worry a lot. I would have liked to convert my apk in bundle (AAB) but I've had several problems trying to install the Android Studio, I always ends up asking for the latest version of that program and the latest version only comes to 64-bit and my computer is old, and has 32 bits, so you should buy a more new to come with 64-bit windows (apparently by what I understood, we will only be able to upload the apk until mid-2021, then only you will be able to upload AAB). Greetings!

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Hi, sorry for not translate my answer, the guy who wrote me answerd me in my own languaje, thats why I answerd him in spanish, I have edited my answer, and translated in english..! Greetings.

I already published my second application in google play, I am exactly in the same situation regarding my computer too ... we have to start thinking to learn Android Studio I hope there is a solution to continue with the Inventor application