Help in Firebase Components Initialization

Hello Guys I hope everything is alright with you. Is there anyone could give me hints how to add Firebase (google-services.json) file in MIT app inventor System in order to Initialize it auto without calling method FirebaseApp.Initialize(): Note : not for Extension but for Local Instance if MIT App inventor.

any one have experience could help ??

Typically the way we would handle this is by adding a new method to the Compiler class that would emit the corresponding file. For example, see writeAndroidManifest. This new method that you would write would have to be called from compileWithStats, and probably it might be best to put it immediately after the call therein to writeAndroidManifest.

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Thank you for replying Sir I got your points ..If possible can you show me how to connect google_services.json and make it compile inside the app just hints are enough (From app assest to Strings.xml of the APK)

Unfortunately I don't have the time right now to work on something like that. The file contains every step in the compilation process from App Inventor project to APK file. You should be able to piece together everything you need by examining the functions within that file.


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