Help! I need to transfer a value of a checkbox from screen to another

Hello there, First of all i would like to thank all helpers who would help me in the situation. So, First i wanted to create a artificial app which is like your normal fast-food delivery app...
The thing is that i am not able to transfer a checkbox value from one screen to another...
Even the Firebase Database can't help as it clears all the values and resets the whole program.

So, I need a help on what should i do. Can anyone help me?

Hi. Some hints.

  1. Are you sure you need another screen ? You can also play with arrangements and set them visible true or false . It's like a change of screens without create any screens.
  2. Look about the component TinyDb , it's a local Db where you can save data and retrieve data with tag and values. You need to add this component in every screens you need . Ps If user changes device or deletes app memory he will lost all the data.
  3. simply use the block open another screen with value
    (Control blocks)

Can you please tell me how to retrieve data from TinyDB as I am able to save it but rather not retrieve it. (On large Scale)

There is a block to save and another to get value , the value has to saved under a tag .

This one?

This one has a problem as I want to add multiple options and if it chose one which the User didn't wanted, how may i be able to fix it.

Also should I show my code so that you could get a better understanding of my probblem.

@Raffaele_Gold Please help.

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Is there any solution to this problem.

Please help if anybody can.

Can you please elaborate?


Multiple info needed to be added.

You have to explain better your goal. Probably you have to work with list or some variable to store the data in the right way . A list of products , their prices, a final cart to pay . Now I don't understand which is your request :sweat_smile:
But I know that store a single value under a tag isn't the right way and probably there is a better one to manage data comfortable.

Ps. If you use TinyDb you don't need to pass values between screens but just add the tinyDb component in all the screen and use the get block to retrive the tag

You don't need a component for every menu item.

Learn to use lists and list pickers.


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