Help, I have parentheses at the edges of the text

Hello, I have created an application for booking breakfast, the order will be sent to a whatsapp number as file. Basically, the app uses a csv where all the text is shown in a list. I export my app and when I go in the list of the products I see parenthesis on the edges of the text, any fixes?

Screenshot (2)

This is because google sheets has returned a list of lists for you (rows and columns)

To remove the parantheses, you need to select the outer list, then the index 1 of the inner list (and index 2 if you want both values from each row)

sorry man I'm not good with this programming engine can you show it practically (I watched so many vids but still don't understand)

For example:

sorry I'm very confused can you do it in my project because it's my first year doing programming and this is like exploding my mind
(I will change everything into english for making it easier)
appsayonata.aia (15.1 KB)

I tried still it doesn't work

lista = list
prezzi = prices
ordine_prodotti = product order

appsayonata_revised.aia (15.1 KB)

thank you so much you made my day

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