Help, I am making a mothers/fathers day menu, but Firebase isn't working

This is the bug down below. How do I fix it?

welcome to our community, please attach code or the .aia file, because it seems like you not have FirebaseDB in your app/screens

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Here's the .aia attached

Are you using an iOS device testing? If you are, FirebaseDB does not support iOS yet.

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Thanks for your help!

How can I use iOS then?

if the data not for shaing, u can use TinyDB, if the data for sharing you can use TinyWebDB or CloudDB, you can read the description

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Okay, thanks but how do I use it?

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If you want to use FirebaseDB, then use an Android device. I modified your AIA to make it usable for CloudDB.

New.aia (6.1 KB)


So does it work for iOS now?

Not yet. iOS is pretty restricted compared to Android, so it would be hard to implement some features.

I am using firebaseDB so my sister can go in the kitchen without going out, also using an app I created but does cloudDB do the same thing too?

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