HELP... How I can create a .txt document with MIT APP INVENTOR? And How I can upload my own code in APP INVENTOR?

Sorry, but I'm new, so I don't know how to create a .txt document using APP INVENTOR, and i want to create a code to convert a unit like lb to another like kg in java but i don't know how i can't upload and create the neccessary file.

I'm so sorry, but my English isn't so good.

Create a extension and import it in mit app inventor.

You can create a text file using the File component.

Converting units is pure math and you don't need java and extensions for that. You can do it with blocks.

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To make this accessible on devices Android >11, remember to set the DefaultFileScope of the Screen to Legacy.

Do you mean you want to create an extension to convert these units? No extension is needed.

1 pound = 0.454 kg, so x pounds = 0.454x kg.