Help: how do you display graph from web in mit app inventor?

im still trying and this is result

the code

the app look

im trying to make value -8 to -6 as yellow
and value of -8 to -10 as red but fail

the code that i tried

may i know what is the proper way to code it .

this look like the image that i shared,cool!! i will have a look also...

i did try your chartmakerplus extension but i did not code well i guess ,,mind have alook at it?

this is it

Code yellowFrom:-8, yellowTo: -6, and redFrom -10, redTo: -8
do NOT use '-8' ... you need to use an integer, not a string and I think you need to go from a smaller integer to a higher integer value.

Does that work?

It only execute one line not both line command



i tried to make one line code ,but it doesnt not work either

I now do not know what you want to color. It seems you got part of it. :slight_smile:

Did you know there is an interactive tool at

You can use the Code it your self on JSFiddle button and then change values on the page that displays (in the black field ..right on the screen. Then use the Run button at the top of the form next to the blue cloud to see the results displayed.

You might try minorTicks: 5,

and for the colors, I am not sure. Do you want different color zones on the x,y and z accelerations? In that case, you may need a different html file for each acceleration showing the ranges you desire and a separate url for each WebViewer.

or use different colors like I did here adding green.

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alright then, thanks for helping out :hugs:

i will have a look at it

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