Help: GPS Coordinates

Can someone help me. I have the coordinates from the raspberrypi+GPS to firebase then i put it in my application. The problem is how to convert the coordinates latitude and longitude to Address as text?

Address: Manila Philippines
Latitude: 18.xxxx
Longitude: 120.xxxx

To reverse geocode (what you want to do) to determine the address of an arbitrary latitude and longitude pair is complicated. You cannot reverse geocode with App Inventor 2 Blocks without accessing an api. See this discussion for alternative solutions: Reverse GEOCODE from custom Lat Long

There are paid ways to reverse geocode, a way using the Google Map API and way’s using online converters. These are discussed in the above link.


Thanks steve it is complicated for me because im new here. Is there another option to set the longitude and latitude to become an address?

Sorry. If you use the latitude and longitude from the LocationSensor, reverse geocoding is easy. If the latitude and longitude come from an outside source (as you are getting from your raspberry) , your options are as indicated in the link.

I would use javascript using Google’s Maps Javascript API . Get an API Key from Google. This service is not free., although Google does provide a certain amount of ‘credit’ as described in the link. The technique uses Google’s database to provide the address. Be aware that an address is not available for every geocoordinate pair. Coordinates in the middle of a cattle field will probably respond with ‘No address available’

All the options I am aware of are mentioned in the Reverse Geocode link posted earlier. What you want to accomplish is not easy, it requires advance coding skills Try some blocks by creating a basic app that takes a latitude and longitude from text and use the Google api, post what you tried and someone might provide specific advice.

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I don’t know why you would want to do this. You do know that you can use the latitudes and longitudes your raspberry produces to post those locations on a map. Perhaps that is a different solution that might work for you to show where what you want to trak is located?

yes i know thats why i am asking here sir hoping it will make alot more easier for me. I am working on getting the address from my rpi. Thank you :slight_smile: