Help, Game project having problem dragging to an item

Hey guys. In my project I'm making a game because when I select the last object it crashes and runs by itself.


The project is in another link because here it can only store 8Mb

Here's the project + GIF (it's on my GitHub): Screen name is "Tela_jogo_lixo"

your image assets have dimensions way too big:

try to resize them to small one.

Do you say project image or git image ?

If you're saying git's not an image. it's a gif

images in your media/assets.

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@Kevinkun What size would you recommend?

A phone screen will be displaying @ 400x800, therefore images do not really need to have dimensions any bigger than that, a square image should be 400x400 if fitting the width of the screen.

An app icon should be no bigger than 512x512 pixels.

See here

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I readjusted the dimensions of all the images as suggested. I tested it with dimensions 400x400, 200x200 and 150x150 but the same problem persists and the images keep changing when the last item is passed. :cry:

I removed the images with dimensions above 1000x1000 and readjusted all the others.

Somebody can help me ?

upload your new aia here.

Projeto_Luiza (3).aia (2.1 MB)
Here @Kevinkun

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What screen does this happen in?

Or do we have to examine all your dozen screens?

Do you have a video to show us what happens?

@ABG I mentioned at the beginning of the article the link to my Github with the project and the GIF of what is happening.

Because of the upload capacity limit I had to put it on my Git Hub

Your blocks suffer from Sprite Cannibalism.
I include them for the benefit of the board, so they don't have to open your project:

Here is how to avoid that in a sample project:

Here is how to avoid the cannibalism:
Replacement blocks for your dragging code:

The new screen blocks:

I did not take the next step of turning your collision blocks into a single table driven event.
(I have a life.)
Projeto_Luiza3 (1).aia (2.1 MB)

Good night @ABG , I did as you suggested in my code but it's still "Buggy" as I showed in the GIF :"(

I read the material you sent me about cannibalism, but as I'm a beginner I didn't understand very well about JSON and cont.

I tried to put a score limit to be able to finish the game but it didn't work either. Look at the image below

I try this too

Did you import my.aia file?

Yes, and I redid the code based on yours

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Project_new.aia (2.8 MB)

Here @ABG

Project_new (1).aia (2.8 MB)

This is the generic form of the project, without the clutter.

I left off the part where you set up the bins.

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