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He! Please someone will be so kind to tell me how to set button preview not to work for images less than 1.jpg? I want to let it work only for images greater than 1, it do not have to work when screen display image 1.jpg. when display show image 1, button preview is not permitted to show image 16 that is the last of the list.
Thank you very much!

ViaCrucisInImmagini7.aia (590.3 KB)

What do you want to happen when viewing image 16, next image = 1 ?

when viewing image 16, (that is the last of the list), the application stops, Bloks are alrready set for this,as you see, and it work, but i do not want that button preview let show image 16 when the app is ready to start and display image 1

please will you be so kind to correct aia file? thank you very much

I had a look at your project

Change these two sets of blocks

add prev button = false here - for start up

you need to use Image1.Picture NOT image component block

I thank you very much, you send me an idea not complete, I have completed it but whitouth yoyur help i will not br able to solve the question. I send you the aia file if you want to see what I did.
Thank you very very very much
MaurizioCopia di ViaCrucisInImmagini7.aia (131.6 KB)

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