Help for QR code scan game

I am kind of a noob in this but I am building a simple game app where users after they register and login , they can scan various QR codes around and collect points. Each user then has a total score and a result list is created between the users.

So far the registration data are stored in a firebase database as below

for the QR Cose I built it so that, for now after scanning the QR code, it sends the data to a google sheet with the help from this tutorial

What I am trying to figure out now is how to assign the points to a specific user. Is there anyone which developed something similar that can advise me, please :slight_smile:
-Would it be possible to assign the points, after scanning straight to the specific user logged in to firebase database?
-Eventually could it be an option also, once scanned the QR code, to display on the google sheet file also the user scanning?

Why are you using google sheets and firebase ? Just one would do…

How does a user accumulate points ?

Just used two because I had to clue how to fix so that QR codes are stored in firebase.

The idea is so that different qr codes have different points and you collect points by scanning the various codes which you find around in a sort of treasure hunt game