Help for MakeQuiz and TakeQuiz tutorial

I’m from Brazil, and I’m having trouble following the tutorial for MakeQuiz and TakeQuiz ( Be able to follow the step by step until “Storing the questions and answers in a database”. From then on, the images no longer correspond to the inventor app 2. I really want to finish the project!
Thank you very much in advance!
PS. I’ll make the .aia file available here so you can see exactly how far I’ve gone.
MakeQuiz.aia (4.0 KB)

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This is a problematic MIT tutorial Rafael. The blocks in the Storing the questions… part are from an early version of App Inventor 2 (Classic). Why all the blocks were not shown as AI2 blocks I do not know. An inexperienced coder will certainly find that part of the tutorial difficult to understand. I’ve sent a note to MIT … perhaps they can provide a quick fix to the tutorial. If not, someone might look at that code and see if it can be converted.


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It’s worse.

The link to download the MakeQuiz source code returns with MakeQuiz.apk (built, no help here.)

OK Steve… thank for your help…

Thanks for the report. When we moved to the new website infrastructure there were some issues when it came to AI1/AI2 tutorials of the same name. This might be a case of that. I’ll also see if we can find someone who would be willing to rewrite the tutorial entirely for AI2.

The illustrations in the online book look good …
No source, though.