Help for Image picker component

How can I set the Image Picker to select only 1 image per button click? I'm making an app to scan qr code from images from the gallery in Android Redmi 4

Hello Devanshu

That is exactly what the Image Picker already does - displays available images, loads one image as selected by the User. :thinking:

What I want to do is that to set the limit that after the user selects only 1 image & the gallery is closed and then the after selection event is run. Basically after selecting 1 image the user can't select other images... Is it what are you also trying to say?

I'll try this method and let you know @Anke. Well how do you'll become a Power User?

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Thanks for the info! :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually both the methods worked! @Anke and @ChrisWard. I'm in dilemma to use which one :sweat_smile:.....Both are equally good.