Help for Firebase store value and get value

Hello !
Just need some help with Firebase storing values

This is a simple procedure of asking firebase to store a value under a particular tab.
When I am connected to Internet , This thing should work just fine , no troubles , and immediately the values under the tag will chance according to the data fed.
But the trouble is when I am not connected to internet. When I am not connected to the internet , And Click get_update button the Firebase component stores this value locally or somewhere, and once the internet resumes, the stored value in app is stored on the realtime database. Which I don't wish to do. If I am not connected , I don't want firebase to store data locally and upload it once internet connection resumes. It is like I pressed the button If the value is not stored / retrieved within specified time , I don't want that value to reach the realtime database.
Please note that I have ensured that the persist property is unchecked.

I am not very sure But I am having a similar issue with getValue also. Like Firebase has retrieved the value say a number 10000 when online. Now if my internet connection is interrupted or lost due to some reason , FirebaseDB would use that retrieved value before the connection was lost i.e 10000 and it would do operations on that value.

Could someone please suggest a suitable method to do so.

Also Could you please explain if Unauthenciate property would help me or not?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks In advance :smile:

Sounds like you want to test for an internet connection before submitting a value to firebase.

You can do this with blocks, but this is my preferred extension:

Internet Connection extension


Use this in an if/else statement block in you update click event

Hi Tim!
I have tried and used that extention before , it works no doubt , but somehow my app, on opening, freezes for 4 to 5 second after using this extension. The same thing happens when .IsOnline called at again at a different place.

Try This :

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@TIMAI2 is this method fine ?
since you told

That would be my go to blocks method :slight_smile:

have you tried the link that I shared?

I have altered the blocks. Just left to test.

Okay, i got it

@kunj_thakker please don't double post across topics, you can link.

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