Help-Error code 703

I have a sound attached to my app and whenever I click the button to play it, it says error code 703. What does that mean and how can I fix it? I used the same app on another phone and it worked there, just not on mine.

You did not show your Blocks unfortunately. Error code 703 means unable to play sound.
You might post your Blocks; that might allow providing specific advice. The following are some huge guesses:

  • What might be happening is this file is a large file and it is taking to long to load using a source block.

  • Are you using a Sound component or the Player?

  • A potential cure is to load the sound sources when you do a Screen.Initialize.

  • Does your file have a .mp3 extension when you set the source? One device might not care if mp3 is there, the other might.

  • The phone you test on might not have much memory available as another phone. What version of Android are on those devices?

Anything here help? If not, please post your Block image and show how your code in the Button you use to play.


I honestly have no idea what the issue is, as I was showing someone whos more likely to know the problem and as soon as I showed them it started working.

Export the .aia file and post it here for more detailed analysis.

Show your blocks, Sound.Source etc. …
and see here:

well, where do you set the sound file you like to play after picking a random item?
it seems to be, that is missing, isn't it?


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Have you solved the problem (old thread!)? I had that error and the reason was that on selecting Sound in designer I had not reset the source property from 'None' to the name of the file I had downloaded!