Help: Disappeared Count Down Label Error

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Here is the code.

In the "Productgame" Scene, when I use iOS Ai companion to test, my countdown label exists for 1 second then it suddenly disappears after the locations of my image sprites and balls are loaded. If I add two lines of code to force the label to be visible, then All my image sprites and balls would disappear or located at the same point. Could someone help me to see what's going on? Thank you. I am really confused.

Does this only happen when using iOS companion ? (Meaning it works OK when using Android companion?)

Hello Christine

Looks like it will be a fantastic App :sunglasses:

Screen 'Productgame'. Screen.Initalize - the Notification would be better as the last item in the Block. The ClockTimer 'Timer' (That possibly needs to be re-named, it could clash with a keyword) should not be set to 'Timer Always Fires'. It should be enabled and disabled in the Blocks as required (Can't make sense of what you have done there - presumably because you have reduced the size of the Project for the purposes of the Forum Topic and thus Blocks are missing?).

Your images could cause memory issues. They are all too big dimensionally. They are also heavily compressed. Think about the work the OS has to do to display them - it has to decompress and then re-size every image. iOS and Android can struggle to do that. So, optimise your images:

From Apple:
Maintaining Image Quality

Providing high-quality images for your user interface should be a priority in your design. Images provide a reasonably efficient way to display complicated graphics and should be used wherever they are appropriate. When creating images for your app, keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) Use the PNG format for images.* The PNG format provides lossless image content, meaning that saving image data to a PNG format and then reading it back results in the exact same pixel values. PNG also has an optimised storage format designed for faster reading of the image data. It is the preferred image format for iOS.*
2) Create images so that they do not need resizing. If you plan to use an image at a particular size, be sure to create the corresponding image resource at that size. Do not create a larger image and scale it down to fit, because scaling requires additional CPU cycles and requires interpolation. If you need to present an image at variable sizes, include multiple versions of the image at different sizes and scale down from an image that is relatively close to the target size.
3) Remove alpha channels from opaque PNG files. If every pixel of a PNG image is opaque, removing the alpha channel avoids the need to blend the layers containing that image. This simplifies compositing of the image considerably and improves drawing performance.

Also, you need to improve the efficiency of your sound files and reduce their size too - mp3 versions of your wave files should turn out smaller.

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